Our Products

Solar Panels & PV Module

Mono&Poly solar panels, customized solar panels (OEM), Intelligent solar panels etc.

Batteryless grid-tie System

Grid-tie solar system, Battery-base solar grid system, Micro-inverter grid solar system etc.

Stand-alone (off-grid) System

Stand-alone solar system with batteries, Portable solar off-grid system etc.

Solar System Components

Inverters, Mounting brackets, Controller, Battery, Combiner box, Distribution box etc.

Solar System Accessories

MC4 connector, PV cables, Erecting tools, Infrared inspection kits, Drone etc.

Other Solar Applications

Solar street light, solar pump, solar charger etc.


11 Years Experience

Since  July 2006, we produced first pcs 175W Mono solar panel. we have more than ten yrs experiences in solar products field.

Certified Factory

The ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited manufacturing plant, the fully automated production line and the state-of-the-art technology guarantee.

Certified Products

Solar panels through IEC 61730 and IEC 61215 certifications etc. Inverters through VDE, AS4777, IEC61727 & safety certifications…

Competitive Pricing

Owned factory and long-time partners, we have more competitive cost, so we can support a best price for you.

Lifetime Guarantee

Solar system is a long-term benefits of investment, solar panels working life more than 25 yrs. Quality warranty 10 yrs.

Great Support

Veteran design engineer team, professional installation engineer can support guidance in your every process of solar system.


3.6kW- Fukuoka,Japan- 2013.02

Category: solar private home-use system

2MW-Gansu,China- 2014.09

Category: solar commercial plant

10kW- Jiangyin,China- 2015.05

Category: solar carport

300KW- Zhangjiagang,China- 2016.04

Category:solar commercial factory rooftop system

12kW- Shijiazhuang,China- 2012.04

Category:solar pump irrigation system

Chengdu,China- 2011.10

Category:solar street light projects